Jun 25, 2013

Al Jazeera America, Bringing the World Together With Food and Fabric and Cooking With Alia

I would love for you to write about food and fabric of Palestine and perhaps, travel, too.  Or Iran or anything like that...Egyptian local fabric....that is sooooo interesting to me.   My obsession is sewing and food.  I like to see fabric from all over the world....shirt fabric from Liberty of London is my current favorite.  I will travel to southern Italy soon to find shirting fabric there.   

My thing...bringing the world together with food and fabric.  We all are just trying to eat breakfast and get the kids dressed and off to school while we try to get to work on time.  This commonality brings us all together with a daily goal.  I love to write about it on my blog...the ronnie republic....and I welcome any contributors to talk about sewing tips, classes or any good sewing info......It is the SEWING HERALD TRIBUNE portion of the ronnie republic.  

That big boy in the picture, that's ronnie...he's my dog and he's really cute...thanks for everything....chloelouise.  PS:  have you seen cooking with alia?  It is a show on you tube about Moroccan cuisine....it is a really good show...you should  have her on the new Al Jazeera...she is a wonderful person and a good cook...her recipes are easy to follow and she has traveling episodes, too.....thanks, again...cl.

Can’t wait for Al Jazeera America to launch? Neither can we!
The award-winning Al Jazeera program “The Stream” is coming to Al Jazeera America, and to mark the announcement, we’re hosting an #OpenEditorial Google+ Hangout, this Friday, June 28, at 12pm ET / 9am PT with “The Stream” host Lisa Fletcher.
What can you expect from the Hangout? This isn’t going to be your traditional news broadcast — for starters, we don’t know yet what topics we’re going to cover.
You read that right.
Our #OpenEditorial meeting is your chance to connect with us directly and pitch a story idea for coverage. We want to know which stories you think the national media has missed and need to be covered.
“The Stream” producers and hosts will be tweeting on #OpenEditorial all week, so join the conversation as we discuss your ideas.
We can’t wait to hang out at the Hangout with you!
—The Al Jazeera America Team