Apr 10, 2013


I guess we should ask Laura Ingraham.

Honestly, Is Bill O'Reilly Insane or a Comedian?  He's a joke, a parody, the real Ted Baxter of the airwaves--does he really expect anyone to take himself seriously?

Right, he's the kind of guy you really don't want in your house--you really don't want to be alone with him and get in an argument.  The fear is his explosion when he loses the argument.

His personality is way to explosive if he can't make his point--if you're a lady and heaven for bid, your argument base and facts beats his idea--he's lost--he's out.

He loses it.  When he explodes like that on television what do you think he does in his own house--when he is alone with someone, a dangerous sit.  Particularly if he considers you to be a lesser person than him, a woman, but, nevertheless, you don't back down in the argument, you keep your calm and successfully make the point.  Your fact is more profound, stronger.

Mad man Bill O'Reilly--he needs to get a grip and some self control.

Get a grip, Bill......

here is a page with Bill O'Reilly "going O'Reilly" on Laura Ingraham:

Will Bill try to pull this stunt on Mary Matalin.......does he know better?

San Diego Radio KOGO 600's Town-Clown chip franklin Short-Leashed by LaDona Harvey


KOGO 600's Town Clown chip franklin Short-Leashed by LaDona Harvey
     Right, it took the big beautiful wild horse of a lady, LaDona Harvey to stomp-out the bald-headed bad boy of San Diego talk radio, chip franklin.
     It's about time--he was way out of control--I imagine it was almost time for him to go off the air after his producer Don Ayres was removed and news ladies were added to neutralize the acid tongue of shock-jock, chip.
     chip was all over those girls verbally with a certain exuberance that was cringing to hear at that hour of the morning.

Is there anyone who can control chip?.........

     This morning chip and LaDona were conducting a serious go-round, the verbal brawl was impending--LaDona was winning and the caller confirmed it, "You've lost this one, chip!"

     LaDona will not back down.  chip does not ever want to give up or be beat in an discussion--if the argument loss is imminent he goes "O'Reilly."

     I don't want to hurt chip's feelings, as if that were possible, but I have only written one post about LaDona Harvery and people are searching my blog daily for more info--where is she..... is chip  on his way out....why did she go to mornings....every day....it's taking up the whole page.  
     The search race has been won by LaDona, Mayor Bob Filner coming in with a close second and chip franklin last...unless he acts-up, then his searches top the list.
     LaDona and chip are very talented and strong personalities but chip's war on women and violent outbursts were very hard listening at the 5 AM hour.
     Do I agree with Ladona, often not, but like the lady she loves to wrangle, Gloria Allred, she does not mind standing up for her beliefs.
     I think she is almost too harsh in some of her philosophies about women (apparently, she always likes to read the fine print before she dives into anything--not all ladies have that opportunity, LaDona) but, nevertheless, her talent and strength and self-belief prevail.

Good job, Ladona.