Apr 1, 2013

Boston Swagger in SoCal Meets Ronnie and the Cats

File under:  Finding Social Acceptance.......Boston Swagger in SoCal Meets Ronnie and the Cats

Not Appreciating Cats--A Definite Flaw in Character

"Why do you have so many cats?" my friend inquired in her usual accusatory tone.

"I don't know" I said, like the number of cats one owns denotes a certain level of happiness.

I'm thinking now I should have suggested she herself should try to acquire cats, one cat, any cat, a stray cat--I'm suggesting get a pet, any pet and give up alcohol.  Wouldn't that steer one on the road to emotional freedom, self-actualization, peace and time away from the bar as one walks their dog.

Perhaps she feels I would be happier if I had less cats--how did I get them--she goaded me again for a complete history as she listened with disdain.

"Why do you let your children give you cats?" she demanded, as if I would actually have an answer to that question--as if I had not asked myself that question a million times.

Perhaps she thinks my house would be cleaner if I had less cats--they are always such a good excuse on which to blame all of my house cleaning issues.

How much time do you spend walking your dog a day?--how many times a day do you take him out for a walk?--do you go to the dog park every day, or what?  Hi, Ronnie, do you remember me?

I'm pretty sure Ronnie said "no," as I drug him into the tavern in embarrassment.

Oh, he's fine in here, she said, I saw other dogs in here earlier.....

Right, that may have been when there was less shouting and people--even a pit bull is small in wall to wall people.

Finally, we took Ronnie home and dropped him off---why--so we could go to another bar.

Taking one look at my beautiful Chlo-Louise on my bed, "Wow, that cat is really old, I can't believe how old that cat is....how old is it?"

"Where do you sleep and where do the cats sleep--why do you just have that little tiny bed?"

Fueled by the synergy of Boston and beer the blonde bomber continued--Yeah, that was really funny when JoAnn and I went out to that street fair on Adams..we were listening to music and drinking all day.  We went to an Italian restaurant and she couldn't even remember what she ate.

She's really stressed out now from work--has a big knot in her neck and gets so many headaches.  She works so much overtime--both of her kids are in college--she's always been a real hard worker.

Are you ever going to get a job again or not?....unrelenting questions in that caustic "back east" style...I dress well because I can afford it, that's another thing about back east, people dress a lot better...people are slobs out here.

Right "back east," what ever planet that's on.

Does your daughter still have that crazy boyfriend.  Remember when she lived downtown with that guy?

Yeah, that was so funny when JoAnn couldn't even remember what she ate--she couldn't even remember going to that Italian place.

Yeah, we really have a lot of fun together.

Right, everyone has their own individual interpretation of what "fun" actually is, how they should spend their time and money in a worthwhile manner.  How much time one should allocate to cleaning.

cats vs. alcohol........

Right now...I's sticking with cats!

Rolling Stones: The Best Gimme Shelter Ever

Rolling Stones:  The Best Gimme Shelter Ever....and the latest from Kleermaker 1000 in his series.  Seriously, I think this is one of the best versions of Gimme Shelter out there and I believe it is also the one from Bedspring Symphony if I am not mistaken. 

What is your favorite?

Thanks Kleermaker 1000.....I really enjoy your postings on you-tube........

click on the link...one of the best from two beautiful Mick's.........

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter live 72-73 (30, Brussels (1) - kleermaker's last weekly version

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter live 72-73 (30, Brussels (1) - kleerm...

Best Ever Gimme Shelter