Feb 22, 2013

My Favorite Power Pundits, James Carville and Mary Matalin--It's Just A Matter Of Time......

from mediaite........

Why James Carville And Mary Matalin Are Leaving CNN…

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When it was first announced that husband and wife political odd couple James Carville and Mary Matalin were leaving CNN, all speculation indicated that new president Jeff Zucker was pushing them out to make room for new blood at the network. But according to Carville, there may have been a more logistical reason for their departure.
Appearing this morning from their hometown of New Orleans ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl on CBS This Morning, Carville told host Norah O’Donnell“what CNN said was they wanted contributors to be there on set.” Finishing her husband’s sentence, Matalin chimed in, “which makes sense.”
“It makes total sense,” Carville continued. “It’s a good strategy, but it’s a strategy we can’t fulfill.” For years, the pair has regularly appeared on CNN remotely from New Orleans, but now apparently the new management is insisting that contributors appear from CNN’s sets in New York and Washington.
Charlie Rose, no doubt sensing the duo’s reluctance to discuss the issue said “tell them to bring the set to New Orleans,” before changing to subject to Hillary Clinton‘s upcoming memoir.
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from chloelouise.........
I'm saying this may turn out to be very interesting........how long will this power couple put up with the political facts according to the O'Reilly interpretation .....I don't think he can shut either one of them down....Repub or Dem,  they are both extremely skilled and knowledgeable......It's just a matter of time.......

Why I Want To Divorce My Mother And Marry My Cat

I love you Chlo-Chlo.......

Chlo Langen........a cat and my best friend

Edward Gorey's 88th Birthday

Why I Want To Divorce My Mother And Marry My Cat

Well, they both are really old.

They are both ever so slightly insane.

They are often mixed up and don't really know where they are but neither one will admit it.

Obviously, very crabby and set in their ways--both.

Each think they are always right--not think, they know they are right.

Each run off when questioned--as if they have an appointment.

both parties refuse to venture out of their familiar space......make up stories about impending engagements...

Of course, varying degrees of hearing and vision impairment exist in each case.

mother does not know a nickel from a dime.

Chloe does not know a nickel from a dime.

Arrogance is a global problem.

The difference:

My cat loves me and cares if I have a bad day--she always has, mother never has.

My Chlo-Chlo appreciates the way I try to take care of her.

Mother is taking care of herself--just like she did in 1942.

Chloe is sooooo beautiful.

Chloe loves just being together.

Chloe thinks I am doing a really good job of taking care of her even if I forget her and spend too much time on my comp.

Chloe wound never stop loving me.