Jan 27, 2013

Edward Albee---will you marry me

Edward Albee---will you marry me

file under:  I should be cleaning, but I'm writing.......

I know there may be a few differences in our personalities, but we can work those bugs out.  Every relationship has a glitch. 

But the important tenants remain--you understand my mother, or better yet me, how I have had to endure my mother and you understand the confusion of alcohol.

I've heard it said "What is Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf about?"

.......that's not the question--its the confusion--the resulting alcohol fueled confusion and horrible beastly argument and insults--words that don't make any sense.

.......that's it--that's the issue--you're left with lasting confusion--confusion for the rest of your life.

.......unforgettable words---words that were really knives in my heart, knives in my mother's heart, knives in my grandmother's heart.

Why did he say that--why did she say that.

Did they really mean it --I have to spend the whole rest of my life asking these stupid, f>>>ing questions--why did my mother do that, why did my grandfather do that, was my grandfather a bad person,  was he a good person that was misinterpreted, do I love my mother, ....or, more importantly.....is it okay to not love my mother?

life long lasting confusion I can never figure out--was it my fault--does my mother like me?

That's it ''there are no answers but i wish i could just stop thinking about it--i wish my brain would stop asking the questions and let it go.

Edward, please don't be mad now, if I have messed everything up and misinterpreted your play.....when I saw the movie I knew it was about my family....drinking and fighting.
from the writing desk of Susan LeCarre