Dec 2, 2013

"you know what Geraldo, you're not afraid"

"you know what Geraldo, you're not afraid"

that is what the caller said this morning--Geraldo Rivera is not afraid of debate. Even if you don't agree you let the other person talk--chatting today about the issue of race and President Obama--voicing both sides of the issue.

Geraldo is not only not afraid of debate but he is also not afraid of women like most of the other Fox News talk show anchors--one with the name of Bill comes to mind.

Good job, Geraldo, on liking women and promoting the new civil rights movement--a new minimum wage for low-income workers.

Where are the jobs in the US today?  Where are the factory jobs for the average joe?

Letting everyone talk without promoting an atmosphere of fear.

Well done.

Geraldo Rivera, on WABC Radio New York--it's a good show.

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