Dec 22, 2013

The Changing of Bill O'Reilly

Is Bill O'Reilly changing in order to survive the Reublican Party as Chris Christie swoops in for a grand slam.  Is Bill afraid he will be left out of the new republican party like walking dead queen Ann Coulter and other members of the mean spirited Christians, Ted, Rush, Sean--the mad men of the GOP.  

Bad Barbie Ann Coulter justifies hate with Jesus, and calls herself a Christian.

Religion without compassion.

Justifying their hate with Jesus.

Just have to speak at this time--past employment working with many gay men in the health care field.

Many were out but some, very few even knew they were gay.

But here is one thing about all of those guys

I would never, ever, ever want to do anything to hurt their feelings and if that happened in this Duck Dynasty thing with this ill-kept ex-hippie I am so sorry for any one who was offended.

Bombastic Barbie, Ann Coulter proclaiming these duck people are simply following the words of Jesus and the Bible.

Gee, how can I draw more attention to myself--who can I insult next.

Ann Coulter:  How can I single-handedly lay waste to the republican party.  How can I lose the election again in 2016.

Can I stop health care for every one.  Do I have an alternative or shall I just keep shouting insults.

So many of these gay men, my co-workers at every level--so often bailed me out at work.  No, not just once but many many times. Offering kind words of advice, as needed.

So often these lovely men carried on a conversation with me when others would not.

Thank you to all of these men for helping me out so many, many times and for being my friend.

To me, Jesus does not want to go around hurting other people's feelings.

What do you think Ann.

Ann and Sean Hannity book signing today in Florida.

I like the compassion of Reverend Al Sharpton and personally he has given me strength through his words and setting an example for accepting others and also telling his life story.

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