Dec 11, 2013

O'Reilly "goes O'Reilly" on Al Sharpton

Talking about Mr. Bill O'Reilly spinning the brilliant reception of President Obama in South Africa at the ceremonies for Nelson Mandela.

He was received as a world leader--black citizens of all countries are part of the world--that is where you are making your miscalculation--who are the citizens of the world--not just the "folks" of Mr. O'Reilly. One must take their head out of the sand at these times.

Unfortunately Bill shows his colors in a strange and weird way once in a great while.  During the 50th of the JFK assassination Bill said on on more than one occasion that the sentiment of the nation towards Barack Obama was the same as it was right before Kennedy was killed.  He said it twice and when a listener wrote in to complain he said it again more adamantly defending his position.

What exactly was he trying to say.  It was reported in The Ronnie Republic but not noticed in the major networks or publications.  Bill very much wanted to talk about some people's dissatisfaction with our President but he did  not mention the great praise he received just this week at the stadium  for Nelson Mandela.  It was strange when all of  the networks were showing  the adulation for our first black President and commenting on this great  accomplishment that Bill had to take this opportunity to say Nelson Mandela was a communist.  Instead of reporting on the grand reception of President  Obama, like all of the other news outlets Mr O'Reilly went on a hate filled rant against the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Bill can't say the hate he feels to President Obama or he would be in big trouble.  No, he rails on Al Sharpton endlessly.  It is quite ugly at this time.

Not to mention he claims he has the no spin zone and the news is fair and balanced  on his show and  truthful.

His reporting is the biggest example of "spin" out there.  Nice try, Bill, but you were caught on this one.

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