Dec 31, 2013

Roger Stone Adds a Touch of Panache to JFK Research

Washington insider and political consultant, Roger Stone, recently went out on his book tour about the JFK assassination.

The Man Who Killed Kennedy:  The Case Against LBJ

While he has received much deserved attention on his book, noted JFK journalist Jefferson Morley has said "Why Roger Stone's book has to be taken seriously," one cannot help but notice his attire, his panache, his sense of style and beautifully tailored suits.

Right, following this JFK thing forever, the tiny details can get ...well...tedious.

Admiring Roger Stone's photos on his facebok page my mind automatically says "Savile Row."

The styling of his suits, the way they fit and the details--that is tailoring at its finest--that is Savile Row.

The pressing, the stitches, the fine fabric and the way the suit fits that particular individual.

Love the Row and love sewing and tailoring forever.

Thank you, Roger, for telling us about fine tailoring and showing us pictures of your very stylish suits and bow ties.

Just purchased my shirting fabric from Liberty of London--yes, it was very expensive but the fine quality and workmanship are worth it.

Just hoping my stitches and fit come out a little bit like Roger's.

Roger Stone serves as The Men's fashion Consultant for The Daily Caller.

here is a link to Roger Stone's style page:  Stone on Style

a link to the Jeff Morley page in the ronnie re talking about Roger:

Right, visiting London a few years ago, well, 2011, finally seeing Savile Row person!  This is a little lengthy--wanting to just stay there forever and take pictures--unbelievable to actually see these very fine tailors at work.

And if you want shirting fabric London is the place to go.  It is a totally different deal than here in the states--the quality and the feel of the fabric.  I really should be there right now!

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