Dec 8, 2013

Moose Lodge, South Park San Diego: Rummage Sale Today

Moose Lodge, South Park San Diego:  Rummage Sale Today--Dec 8, 2013

Walking the doggie boy through South Park San Diego--following the aroma of the barbecue--discovering a rummage sale at the Moose Lodge.

"We are trying to repair the lodge after the fire and get it back up and running again," Tom said, as he and his fellow Moose friend roasted hot dogs and accepted donations for the Moose Lodge located at 30th and Date Street in the South Park area of San Diego.

They were very friendly and anxious for everyone to know about the rummage sale and know about the good work of the Moose Lodge.

They were sad about the fire that took place 3 and one half years ago--I really did not notice any damage but they were still trying to recover as they did not have fire insurance at the time and the repairs turned out to be quite expensive.  The Moose Lodge has been in existence in South Park for very many years and they are proud of their tradition of good work in the community.

There were plenty of tables of cute items including Christmas decorations at an inexpensive price for the visitors to rummage through and enjoy hot dogs for the donation price of 1 dollar.


at the corner of Date and 30th in San Diego

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