Dec 1, 2013

Talking about Ron Reagan, Jesus and FFRF

Love Ron Reagan and I really like the idea of your foundation--FFRF.

I think the religious right causes countless problems for innocent people just trying to live their everyday life--talking about gay kids who are made to feel guilty.  For instance I have a neighbor who has a transgender child but they go to a church that denounces gays and Muslims.  

That is another thing.  the religious right is crazy with their ideas about some people from other countries, justifying all with religion.  I hate it the more I talk about it.  

Don't get me started on abortion and Bill O'Reilly.  

There is one thing, though--I just happen to love Jesus, too.  I do not attend church but I must say I have backbone of the Christian church, but I love to go to all churches and I admire all religions.  I am happy about all of the religions.  

I think if one allows freedom of religious thought--to love Jesus or be a part of any religion or not at all gives us all a freedom and taking religion out of the government is the key.  I do not like the whole Michelle Bachmann idea even though I do admire and have written about the right of these ladies, including Sarah Palin, to speak without being criticized in a way that is indefensible and embarrassing.

I do not know if I would be accepted in your group or not but I admire your philosophy and the freedom it offers.

Accepting your ideas give me the freedom to also love Jesus and all religions, and atheists, too.

Thank you for your time, chloe louise--the ronnie republic From Religion Foundation



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