Dec 22, 2013

Leo La Porte Tech Hero

LA Southwest College--Assistant football coach and vidiographer--was the recipient of Leo la Porte's secret Santa today.

He sent him a new I-Pad.

The Coach and caller said he was not able to watch Direct TV because at this time his 3 year old I pad that worked just fine was no longer available to interact with Direct TV.

In short, he was out--he needed an upgrade or no TV.

This very nice man and fan of Leo was sad indeed, as he was on a budget and fixed income and he just could not afford a new Apple I Pad at this time.

He was also a little out of sorts about the whole thing because his phone worked fine and he loved it.  He said he loved the Apple product and he wanted to stay with it forever.

Leo La Porte said he loved these Apple products, too, but this is one issue he has with the company--the company is essentially forcing the consumer to buy a new phone when the 3 year old one worked fine and the gentleman was on a strict budget.

Al, the caller was so grateful as his brother, the coach had bought his products up until now.

The joy in Al's voice was so fun to hear and in the Christmas Spirit.

It made my day..

Good job, Leo, you are a good person.

Merry Christmas to Leo and Al and thank you for sending the listeners joy and merry Christmas today.

Writing on my Chromebook......chloelouise

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