Dec 17, 2013

Geraldo Radio--Tuesdays with Ann Coulter

Geraldo has one of the best shows on radio today--he lets the guests say their opinions on both sides of the issue.  We get to hear all of the info without anger--Geraldo even says his idea, perhaps in disagreement and no one goes away fuming.  

The New Yorkers love him and call in as if they know him and they are talking to an old friend as evidenced by the New York granny yesterday, angry that Geraldo was feeling too sorry for President Obama.  

It is a good show, particularly for conservative radio and it is also fun to hear Bernard Kerik, former Police Commissioner give his take on things.  He says his friend will be on every Monday.  

I am going to keep watching this show on my comp.  

It is also nice to hear about New York as it is completely different from San Diego.  

I like the show and I am a dem--it is informative without anger--even when the bombastic beauty Ann Coulter calls in on Tuesdays.  Geraldo has the unusual gift of listening to Ann's outrageousness and then toning down her radical statements without being insulting.  

In the current radio market the show is informative and entertaining.  It is one of the few shows that is not completely one-sided and crazy and that is rare in radio today.




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    1. please explain with more details--I will also be looking at your website--cl Your saying besides the obvious--long blond hair, tight black dress with the words of the rich old fat men--gee, how can I get more attention besides going on talk show and saying crazy right wing outrageous statements. It's Bill O'Reilly in a dress.