Dec 16, 2013

Geraldo Radio: Mondays With the Commish

It's a pretty good radio show if you like interesting conversation and information.

That's Geraldo--He even accomplished a lively conversation about the new Pope and the views of an atheist group without angry shouts--as usual we got to hear both sides.

Everything to the most conservative views from Geraldo home, Fox News to angry New York Grandma calling in to tell Geraldo he is protecting President Obama too much "You better not be feeling so sorry for him, Geraldo," the angry granny did not mind shouting at a high pitch.

As usual, Geraldo Rivera lets everyone say their opinion, take it in and say his idea even if it is disagreement.  No one ends up angry and we get to hear all of the views on both sides of the issue.  How does Geraldo do it. It is an art form this radio guy has perfected.

Today he is starting "Mondays with the Commish."  Geraldo Riversa says he will have his friend, Bernard Kerik, the past Police Commissioner of New York City on every Monday morning to discuss the current news items that involve police protection to the citizens.  This morning they talked about legalizing marijuana--Bernard says he is personally not for it but all the states need to get it together as far as the laws--it is not the same degree of crime everywhere.

Geraldo says he would like to see pot legal right now.

Bernard Kerik would not give amnesty to NSA leaker Edward Snowden because he has caused so many security problems for our country--he just can't see it.

Talking about the Short Hills mall car hijacking this past weekend, Mr. Kerik said he imagines everything, especially an upscale mall has surveillance and it is just a matter of time before these people are caught.  This is near an area, Newark, where car jackings can still be a regular and profitable occurrence.  The unfortunate thing is that the criminals were so bold they killed the man before they hijacked his Range Rover.

Bernard Kerik also talked about the inclusion of John Miller joining the new police commissioner and he thought Mr.Miller would indeed be an asset to the force.

He talked about extreme prison sentencing for drug offenders that is too harsh and out of line.  He thinks that felony conviction is "slaughtering" to the individual and the family.

Talking about Geraldo's show on Fox News on Saturday night--Geraldo reported on the ease of getting very hard drugs compared to the difficulty of getting medical marijuana.

Good job, Geraldo and former New York top-cop Mr. Kerick--I really enjoyed the show and hearing your opinions.

At the end of the show the stolen Range Rover was indeed found in Newark.  I am sad for that family--the car was found but not the jacker.

Geraldo Rivera is on WABC radio in New York every morning--easy to listen to on the comp. just google WABC--that is 7 AM in San Diego.

Thank you, Geraldo, for telling us about New York and the news today--it is a good way to eat breakfast and start the morning.

Here is a story about the release from prison of Bernard Kerik:

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