Dec 10, 2013

Geraldo Radio--Letting New Yorkers Talk

Geraldo Radio--Letting New Yorkers Talk

To put it plain and simple--everyone calls in and says "Hey, Geraldo, I like your show because you let everyone say both sides of the issue."

Then they proceed to tell their side of the issue

One guy even said--More shows should be like yours.

In short--Geraldo lets people talk and everyone wants to call in and say what's on their mind--right, many people congratulated him on this issue today.

Can you imagine a radio show where people get to talk--usually it's the other way around.  The host says he is anxious to hear what the listeners think but in reality only the host says his or her views and then hangs-up when a caller disagrees.

Talking about minimum wage today--here in San Diego--school nurse time in Bario Logan.  Many of the parents worked at two taco shops in order to support their family.  They were afraid to call in sick as the benefits were at a minimum and often sent their kids to school sick.  They could not take off work to take care of the kids.

Making the point--parents are supporting their families with these fast food jobs today.

Thanks Geraldo, for taking time to listen.

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