Dec 26, 2013

Bill O'Reilly: Meeting Chris Christie in the Middle

The ego wars rage on.

Here's the thing--we can't count out Bill O'Reilly. 

Sure I love to bash him almost on a daily basis but "the voters" out there, and I think there are a lot of them, love him. He's big, real big in the ratings and even though we now have President Obama, Mr. O'Reilly and his followers are not going away any time soon. 

I think he is changing ever so slightly to meet the giant force on the political scene, Chris Christie, somewhere in the middle. 

As we noticed his suggestion that the views of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame were indeed to harsh in their judgement of our gay community. Not to mention on a more practical matter that kind of talk will get you fired at work. 

Bill reminded us that Jesus asked us not to judge. 

Bill may want to ensure the popularity of his show and the Republican Party unlike other members of the walking dead branch of the repubs who make statements to attract attention to themselves at the expense of the GOP. 

Perhaps Mr. O'Reilly has foresight the average citizen does not have as he runs around the country on his "Bolder and Fresher" tour meeting with the folks. That may be the folks paying 500 dollars a ticket for the meet and greet portion of the gig. Perhaps these folks and big money backers are providing him with an insight into our next big election. 

Mr. O is moving in that direction.

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