Dec 19, 2013

Ann Coulter, Jesus Christ, and Santa Claus

If Ann Coulter can’t be trusted (see Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age), why do so many conservatives trust her? Sometimes she gets things right and stands her ground for truth. (Complications arise, however, when she as equally fervently expresses falsehood.)

Entering into an already ongoing racial debate sparked by Fox News commentators and Coulter’s own tweets, Piers Morgan recently posed a series of questions to Coulter regarding the race of both Jesus and Santa.

Regarding the Savior, Coulter was accurate: “As for Jesus, Jesus is a real person. He was a Jew. I mean, if you want to tell me Jews aren't white, OK. But he's Jewish. So, whatever that is.” Repeatedly pressed by a contentious Piers who could not accept that reality, Coulter amplified her remarks: “Well, he's not black, he's Middle Eastern. Maybe he's sort of beige, Piers.” For the record, Jesus was biblically and historically Jewish and, thus, light-complexioned.

Coulter’s views on Santa are a bit more problematic. “But I met the real Santa Clause and he is white.” Santa Claus is a fictional character inspired by an historical figure, a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop. Our contemporary picture of Santa Claus derives from an 1881 illustration which was created in a dominant white milieu.

Of course Santa Claus in America was white – in 1881. But Santa is a fictional figure and his race has no bearing on who he is and what he does. Santa transcends race. (Just as Jesus does.) Every individual and culture can envision Santa as they choose. Christmas is celebrated worldwide by a variety of different customs, in diverse cultures, with different representations of Santa.

Coulter, Piers, and others who emphasize the race of Jesus Christ and Santa Claus are entirely missing the point because they are focusing on something relatively inconsequential – race. They miss the point of Christmas – the universal love of God and Jesus Christ’s birth as Savior of the world.

It’s not about race, it’s about God’s gift to mankind.

by Daniel Borchers

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