Nov 15, 2013

The Slot Drain In Dealey Plaza.......Jesse Ventura on Coast to Coast

Just wondering if any other JFKers  out there heard John B. Wells on Coast to Coast talking about the slot drain in Dealey Plaza.

Apparently this was a drain that had been used to fire a shot at President Kennedy during the assassination.

He felt he had this on good authority…..the drain was then covered up--cemented in--on authority of the head of the Bonanno crime family.

This story was related by John B. Well on Coast to Coast, the nighttime radio show, during an interview with Jesse Ventura.  It was an interesting show due to the nature of Jesse Ventura and John B. Wells and their ability to tell a story.  Not talking about agreeing or disagreeing but listening to the show was fun and interesting…..especially in light of all of the recent Kennedy shows taking the notion that LHO was a lone gunman/nut.

The question…..this is very interesting information but is it true…..

Can it  be verified in any way shape or form…..

What should the average Joe interested in the Kennedy Assassination and following it for years take away from these thoughts……

In short…...what the heck does all of this mean…..what should we think now….is this true and is there any way of proving it……

All of these tidbits of information seem so grand and exciting at first but what do they really mean……

Your thoughts…..

here is a link to the show….oh, wait…….I think you have to have a subscription to hear it.

some people listen to it on you-tube...does anyone have any tips if one does not want to pay the price of 6.95 per month?

Perhaps one can go to the website and read about it but you cannot actually listen to it.

Regardless, just saying….what does all of this mean?

here is a link to Coast to Coast with a page about that show:

here is a link to the Jesse Ventura page on you-tube if anyone wants to listen to the show:

There may not be any new information but on the issue of the slot drain and a possible connection to the assassination---wouldn't the authorities be interested enough to follow this idea and make a statement about the drain?

The  whole thing becomes very frustrating after a while because obviously the government could shed light on the subject if they wanted to....why is so much info still secret...what is the's almost ridiculous after a while.

Probably rogue elements of the CIA were involved, there never will be any definitive proof--and the government can't just go around and say to Caroline Kennedy that we messed up and killed your dad and or a very beloved president and public figure.

Really, what is the government suppose to do--we are having a hard enough time with health care and public anger.  Can you imagine if the state was a participant in a presidential assassination--the outrage may never end.  People say we can handle the truth but would that actually be the case?

Thanks for reading....what do you think....... 

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