Nov 20, 2013

The Men Who Killed Kennedy...talking about LBJ

here we go with The Men Who Killed Kennedy Episode 9.........this is copied from you-tube.......

Talking about Bar McClellan and Roger Stone.

Really enjoyed Roger Stone's talk on Coast to Coast....Saturday night chatting about his new book The Man Who Killed Kennedy and his details about LBJ.  

He referred to the show of  The Men Who Killed Kennedy featuring the information of Barr McClellan......I thought that made much more sense than Oswald acting alone and Roger Stone's  theory makes a lot of sense, too.   Some of the info is the same.

I did see that on the 40th anniversary as an update of TMWKK.  

That was never shown again as far as I know and immediately after that Frank Sesno went on the Hx channel with experts and if my memory serves me correctly Dalleck was one of them denouncing the whole thing and saying there was no evidence.  Comments are welcome.

Its just odd that there are so many facts from Roger Stone and Mr McClellan.   It would be interesting to see if all of these facts about LBJ pointed out by these two experts could be proved false--they really make more sense than the Oswald philosophy.

This is my point:  why can't this go forward?  Is it because unless you can prove it absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt it will be nixed out of respect for Johnson's daughters?  

Because I guess how can the government say......oh well, we are so corrupt we let one president kill another.  Seriously, how can they say that to Caroline Kennedy.  

There are too many facts....Bill Hemmer on Fox--an informant has Marcello saying he did it, but they will not release the tapes, so is that wrong, too.

Is everything wrong but Oswald?  

And then the Bill O'Reilly many people believe him.  This is frustrating......I think the facts are there but they just cannot get it together basically through disinformation.....or from too many conflicting facts....can we ever gel this thing up, or what? 

A simple explanation...J. Gary Shaw said it was basically a turkey shoot in Dallas....there were many factions angry about his arrogance.  

Barr and Roger basically have the same story as E. Howard Hunt and I do not know why that is not taken more seriously, also.  I believe Hunt names Cord Meyer.....and that man certainly had motive....the Kennedys were wonderful but also very unapologizingly arrogant.  

It seems like many knew it was going to happen but kind of looked the other way.....thanks for your time.
chloelouise.....please comment....welcome disagreement.

from you-tube, this is an interview with Barr McClellan.......

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