Nov 16, 2013

Sherry P. Fiester--a breath of fresh air and truth in the continuing JFK Assassination Saga.....

Sherry P. Fiester--a breath of fresh air and truth in the continuing JFK Assassination Saga.......

Firing bullets through gel and wood does not a head shot make........

Its not even remotely the same--the frustration with PBS and Nova is just a horrible example of the Kennedy shows this year and their frustrating insistence on the lone gunman/nut philosophy.

The 50th---one would have thought this would be a great breakthrough....they are so many great researchers with brilliant work--not to be ignored--why would it be ignored but instead the media chooses to focus on the easy way out--it that it?

Grace and truth--that would be an adequate description of Sherry P. Fiester and her book Enemy of the Truth.

She says by her career in criminal investigations and criminal science it can be seen that a head shot was from the front and not from the grassy knoll.

Everyone can listen to her talk on the JFK-Lancer website--she is soooo interesting.

here is a link to the page recommended by Larry Hancock who is also an esteemed JFK researcher.

Both of these very important individuals will be speaking at the JFK-Lancer conference this year:  November in Dallas.

I have been planning this trip for this year of the 50th anniversary forever but I now I just can't make it.  Wishing everyone can attend and talk and write about this wonderful event.

Good Job Sherry and thank you for all of your very hard work--I, for one, really appreciate it because I have been very disappointed with the shows and docs this year--it is an opportunity lost and for that I am sad.

chloe louise--the ronie republic.

here is a link to the JFK-Lancer page to listen to Sherry.......scroll down on the page to see Sherry

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