Nov 8, 2013

O'Reilly goes "O'Reilly" on Geraldo Rivera's radio show when asked about JFK.......and how I made the cutest pillowcases with the barn yard pigs.

Just wondering what people think about Bill O'Reilly....he insisted to Geraldo Rivera on his radio show yesterday that there was absolutely no evidence there was anyone involved in the JFK shooting except Lee Harvey Oswald......Of course then he went "O'Reilly" when Geraldo just asked the question about others and started yelling...we all know how well O'Reilly accepts and idea if it is not his.........the point is, a lot of people listen to his show and think he is the end all be all.....there are plenty of facts, just straight facts not even open for interpretation, that show others were involved...not to mention the conclusion of the House Committee on Assassinations.  Not to mention the big fact that one can easily see more than one shot hitting him from another direction by the movement of his head.  it is also speculated that Bill O'Reilly may have other information to the contrary of just one shooter from information he received when he was doing Inside Edition....Bill is just putting everything out there opposite of is just that so many people believe him, this is what I am sad about.

Chloe Louise Geraldo is doing an interview with Marguerite Oswald, mother of Lee Harvey, on his Fox News television show this weekend. He says it is a bombshell.......

here is a link to the reference of Inside is from David Talbot at Salon and suggested by Knapp's news on the radio show Coast to Coast:


my really, really cute pig pillowcases.......
and how I made them.
Well, first I went to the quilting class of Kathy Green---one of my sewing heroes...

then I saw the barnyard pig of the other students was making a pillowcase...

I felt as if I would expire if I could not have that I immediately went to Rosie's Calico Cupboard and bought it...It was about 8 dollars a yard...100% cotton.
I used the pillowcase pattern Kathy gave us in is all over you is basically the burrito technique with french is very simple.,,,(after I cut it incorrectly and had to re-cut it so the pigs would be right side up on the bed.)
The lace is from a inexpensive table runner that I cut up....and now I am trying to sell them....or use them for a wall hanging....anything to just keep talking about them because they are soooooo cute.

to purchase the cute pigs go

or you can purchase them right here on this page from is the same as purchasing them on my webite:

pig pillowcases:
100 % cotton
standard size
19.00 each or 2 for 35.00
these pillowcases will require ironing
no tax and free shipping

buy one...

buy two...

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