Nov 19, 2013

Oprah Rules O'Reilly Drools

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O’Reilly Clashes with Prof. Ogletree Over Oprah: She’s ‘Indicting’ America as a Racist Nation


Bill O’Reilly said Monday night he admires Oprah Winfrey, but she’s dead wrong to say many Americans “disrespect” President Obama because of his race. He said she has a “blind spot when it comes to politics,” and noted there was plenty of criticism of George W. Bush when he was in office. O’Reilly argued that Oprah’s “making an excuse” for Obama by saying it’s not just the “lunatic fringe,” but a significant portion of the country, that has a racial resentment of the president.
Professor Charles Ogletree backed up Oprah’s comments, arguing that while Obama’s the “Teflon president” when it comes to deflecting race-based attacks, there’s a lot of vitriol directed his way. O’Reilly shot back, “Those people have been marginalized by me and others.”
Ogletree went off on all the attacks on Obama, from birtherism to Donald Trump pushing some nonsense about Obama’s college transcripts, but O’Reilly kept pressing him to name a legitimate news outlet that pushed Obama conspiracies. He cried, “You’re pointing to kooks! You’re pointing to individual kooks!”
Watch the video below, via Fox News:
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