Nov 21, 2013

News about Mark Lane-Appearances and the 50th

Dear friends:

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to let you know all the things that are going on about the 50th anniversary of the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

The best interview Mark has done this year was with Alec Baldwin, who had a long, surprisingly meaningful discussion with Mark that was to be aired on his show, Up Late with Alec Baldwin, at 10:00 on Friday, November 22. Unfortunately, the show has been canceled for a couple of weeks (I really don’t want to talk about it) which  of course, covers the time slot that was reserved for Mark, so his interview will not be aired at that time. We have heard that it will be shown on Friday the 29th, but that is not set in stone. I will let you know as soon as I do. It is really worth watching.

Pacifica Radio is planning 6 hours of special programming on Friday, the 22nd, including interviews with Mark, Oliver Stone, and an archived interview with Jim Garrison.

Mark will appear on the Mark Thompson show on Sirius XM tonight, with Dick Gregory. They will be on at 6:30.

He will make an appearance electronically at the COPA conference tomorrow night.

He spoke at Dr. Cyril Wecht’s Pittsburgh conference at Duquesne University, Passing the Torch, at the end of  October. They will be publishing DVD’s of that conference.

Mark did a very long interview with CNN for their show on the assassination, which was produced in part by Tom Hanks.  The show aired for the first time on November 14, and continues to air on CNN – it will be on at 9:00 tonight. Mark is on there, but the show focuses on Vincent Bugliosi’s writings and gives little if any new insights on the crime.

We have been hard at work getting a new trade paperback version of Rush to Judgment out with a new preface by Mark, and we did it!  You can get it through Amazon here:

The Kindle versions of Rush to Judgment, Plausible Denial and A Citizen’s Dissent came out just a little while ago.

Soon, we will have Mark’s story of his survival of the Jonestown Massacre, The Strongest Poison, out on Kindle.

Thank you for continuing to support Mark and his efforts to educate the public on this important part of our history. 


Sue Herndon
Assistant to Mark Lane

copied from an e-mail from Mark Lane........

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