Nov 4, 2013

Marissa Mayer Transforms Yahoo with her Recipe for Homemade Peanutbutter Cups

Seriously, I've noticed since Marissa Mayer has taken over Yahoo as CEO their front page or newspaper type page I see on my comp and e-mail everyday has gone through a very important transition.

Good and easy recipes........

Well, today the lady has outdone herself with the inclusion of homemade peanut butter cups on her Yahoo homepage newspaper.

This is hands down the most important improvement to Yahoo since the beginning of time.

Ms. Mayers ability to choose current and important news items show the reason why she is at the top.

Congratulation to Marissa Mayer for her very good decision making skills and transforming Yahoo to a current and important news source.

That's vital, a good and easy recipe for peanut butter cups--it's high living and a noteworthy achievement in this barrage of Internet information.

Thanks Marissa and well done for giving us this very important information and recipe during this crucial food time of the holiday season--very insightful and very louise

here is the link to this very important holiday recipe:

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