Nov 4, 2013

Leslie Stahl and her Stunning Earrings...big hunks of stunning color that is....

Leslie Stahl and her hunk'in chunks.

The lady with stunning earrings and equally stunning interview skills...right, everyone knows that is the one and only Leslie Stahl.

She is my television journalist hero and my blog is burning up this morning with searches for Leslie Stahl and her collection of big colorful, radiant color--emanating blue heat--last evening with her huge blue earrings. 

The star of 60 Minutes, last evening Leslie again showed off her interview skills and her ability to choose jewelry and color--the earrings and Leslie stole the show.

Right, I first noticed Leslie Stahl's interview skills with Conde Rice--Leslie continued to go after the answer to the question Conde was carefully trying to avoid.  The cool thing about Leslie--she can keep on asking the question...without being rude, but without giving up.  Because we want to hear the info but we do not want to see the personality in question verbally beat up to obtain the goal.

Leslie works hard to get her facts in order before the interview begins--she knows her stuff and she seems relaxed during the show.  She knows where she is going with her questions and does not give up or give in when the interviewee does a dance around the question.

Good job, Leslie, and as usual, you earrings are cute.

Oh, right, she did a good job of interviewing the attorneys representing the accused terrorists in Guantanamo Bay--that was interesting, too.

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  1. Really enjoy Leslie Stahl, plus trust her.
    Love her earrings.

  2. Leslie should start her own affordable line of knockoffs. I love everything about Leslie. Her reporting, her earrings and her lipstick shafe in that order

  3. Thank you for reading and thank you for your comments. It seems like Leslie works very hard to get the assignment completed in a way that is professional and enlightening. Her earrings and her work are the same in a way because it is the quality that shows without any distractions. In the jewelry one can see the beauty of the gem, bold color and perfection without distractions but her interview skills are really the same. She uses the facts for the story and she keeps her cool. At the end of the day the viewer is the winner because we simply have ore information about the subject.