Nov 3, 2013

Kitty Kelly--Amazing Interview on Book TV

Seriously, one of my best times watching Book TV.

Kitty Kelly--the best interview ever....for 3 hours....9 to noon here in San Diego.  "The greatest in-depth I have ever seen," from an admirer that called in to say, today.....

The Sinatra book is the greatest and most fascinating book I have ever read...the caller also said.

Kitty Kelly is an expert researcher, that was her original job at the Washington Post, before she started the free-lance portion of her career.

She does not mind taking time to tell the story and how her research and writing evolved...she is also very funny.

Ms. Kelly did not mind taking time to tell her daily scenario of biding her time  and organizational skills in order to write to publish.  She revealed that she always has to work to write, believe it or not.  Writing can be excruciating!  That is the hardest part of writing a book and the best part is signing it for someone.

She shared her enthusiasm for interviewing the contributors to her books.

I hope everyone gets a chance to see Kitty Kelly on Book  TV.

Good job and thank you to Book TV for this very informative and entertaining interview.

Thank you Kitty, for telling us about your writing process and funny stories about your life--that 3 hours went by in 10 minutes.  It was fun to see what makes Kitty Kelley, a successful author, tick.

here is a link to her website if you would like to contact her:

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