Nov 1, 2013

Geraldo Watch.......

Always listening to tthe radio.......

It seems like Geraldo Rivera is the token sane person at Fox News.

Listening to him on the radio......he lets people talk, the people that call in--this is soooooo unusual in talk radio--someone talking besides the host.

Unless you listen to Coast to Coast or The Tech Guy.

Geraldo says he is in favor or everyone having health care--like in Sweden--and he is in favor of President Obama.

He wants President Obama to succeed and win because then we all win.  He wishes the roll-out of the program could have been a little bit smoother.

Good Job, Geraldo, I've been following you off and on forever.

Geraldo is on WABC........I listen to him (on the comp) and Voice of Merrill, KOGO 600-San Diego-(on the radio) every morning.  Right, Merrill is pretty good, too--giving a voice to the citizens of our county who were originally from Iran........two good radio shows in the morning.

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