Nov 4, 2013

Geraldo Watch Monday..Geraldo Sucessfully Defuses Ann Coulter

Geraldo Watch Monday..Geraldo Successfully Defuses Ann Coulter

Geraldo Rivera on his WABC morning radio show successfully defuses ticking time bomb and anti-girl girl Ann Coulter.

Yes, Ann was going on in her usual trumped up false facts and trying to stir up everyone into a dither only for her own self-promotion about abortion and Obama care.

Geraldo immediately sensed her outer-space antics and toned her down quick by politely saying I don't think so, Ann, and you might want to check your facts on that statement.  Geraldo actually said it twice--he was polite and soft-spoken yet did not let her go on with her tea-party fantasies.

Ann, women today want to have health care and we want to have a choice about when to have children.  We love children but we want a choice.  Because we want to have say so about our health and our child bearing decisions does not mean we are communists.

The cool thing about Obama care--health care and choice for all women, all lifestyles of women and economic levels--this is a good thing.

Thank you to President Obama and to Geraldo Rivera for not getting sucked in to this caustic dividing tea party bish bash.

The walking dead branch of the republican party lead by zombie queen an coulter, successfully defused by the Fox News token sane person, Geraldo Rivera.

Good luck to the repubs--just a tip...I'd take Chris Christie and lose the trumped tea party entourage to repub dead queen, ann, and cruz control ted...a little more towards center may lead the way to success.

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