Nov 7, 2013

Geraldo Rivera: Bombshell Interview with assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's mother Maguerite.

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On my Fox News show this Saturday night I'm airing my world bombshell exclusive interview w assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's mother Maguerite.

Chloe Louise Geraldo, I think you should do a special about JFK on your radio show....talking about the media and their treatment of the whole JFK thing and your experiences and your opinion. If anyone from the media can talk on this issue it is have had a lot of experiences with the media and with this subject in particular. I am still angry about you being left out of the Dusquene University forum. That was ridiculous, especially in light of the antics of JFK, himself. Forever, I have wanted to hear what you have to say on this subject and I would be very interested in your

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