Oct 18, 2013

Wanted to Interview O'Reilly...Right, he's coming to San Diego.........

That would be tonight at Copley Symphony Hall..........

Just want to ask him one question.......who are the folks and do they not want health care?

I e-mailed asking for 5 mins of his time.......

Checked out the prices for the show of O'Reilly and Dennis Miller.....Bolder and Fresher.

A little pricey for this blogger......92.00--147.00...

539.00 for the VIP package to go to the Meet and Greet of O'Reilly and Miller....I'll go all last names just like Bill.

Anyway, Bill is certainly a media force, agree or disagree and I would love to meet him and ask him questions--one question.

Are Bill's folks the VIPers because that is who he chats with going around the country?  Would he like to meet the folks of Nelly or Bill Ayers.  Would he like the average run-of-the-mill waitress to have health care? Do those folks actually exist?

here is a link to the website for the tickets:



Dear Bill.....I just heard you say you will be in San Diego tomorrow evening, Friday.  I have written against you many times but I do not mind saying I would love to interview you for 5 minutes as this is where I live.  My blog is the ronnie republic and I am sure if you google your name with it several posts will come up.  I know we disagree but I love to hear the opposing side....call me Karl Rove but I agree with him that it is the political conversation that moves things forward and as we both can agree we are so lucky to live in a country where we can each state our opinion.  

Heads up, not that you need it, but the question I would like to ask is this....as you have gone on against Obamacare on several occasions and you say you are looking out for the folks.....who do you think the folks are as President Obama was re-elected and do you not think the folks would like to have health care?

Bill, thank you for your time and hope to hear from you.

Chloe Louise...the ronnie repuiblic

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