Oct 16, 2013

Scientists Paul and Theresa at Dog Beach, Ocean Beach San Diego Today, Oct, 15, 2013

Worried about Algerian Sea Lavender invading the natural habitat in San Diego.......

Scientist Paul and Theresa at Dog Beach, Ocean Beach, San Diego today, October 15, 2013.

The Dog Beach area of Ocean Beach, San Diego is also a natural environment Paul and Theresa are trying to preserve.

Dog Beach is a a bird sanctuary and a natural habitat.  They are trying to figure out why Algerian Sea Lavender is growing here and they are worried it will take over the natural habitat invading the area and forcing out the natural plants that already are growing here.  They work with San Diego Parks and Recreation.
here is a link about Algerian Sea Lavender in the San Francisco Bay Area........


Thank you Paul and Theresa for letting me take your picture and taking time to answer my questions about this very important issue in San Diego.
Good job and thank you for your hard work.

Any comment or further information would be very appreciated as this post is from a quick few questions answered from these hard working scientists as they took time out from their busy and important work.


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