Oct 17, 2013

Religion According To Bill O'Reilly........

Religion according to Bill O'Reilly....

Sorry, Bill, Jesus likes me, too--a liberal and pro-choice.

Bill's rules apply to everyone but him, as in his interpretation of "the facts," as well.  His book has been criticized by religious scholars for not being factual or cherry picking certain items to make his point.

This is what I would like to know.....who are "the folks" that Bill claims he is looking out for as he stated in a recent interview....."I am the only one looking out for the folks."  Does he not think the folks want health care?  And here is his biggest disconnect of all.....does he not realize "the folks" elected President Obama?

It's Bill's way or the highway.....apparently this applies to everything from religious interpretation, the voting population of the United States and Howie Kurtz.

Go Howie!............

Howie Kurtz and James Carville taking Bill O'Reilly to task are the best reason to watch Fox News and The Factor.  It's a no spin zone unless it's Bill doing the spinning himself.

from News Hounds.............

Bill O'Reilly Attacks 'Killing Jesus' Critics Who 'Despise Religion'

Bill O'Reilly once advised the folks to ignore their "enemies." But Bill's inability to follow his own advice or, dare we say, hypocrisy, was shown by last night's O'Reilly screed in which he savaged those who do not believe that the divinely inspired "Killing Jesus" is the most awesome book evah. The devoutly Catholic O'Reilly framed his discussion around how the evil, librul media and "the left" despise religion - a popular victim card played by those who claim that it's the poor who play the victim. But the discussion was really all about poor Bill as it soon morphed into O'Reilly's patented baseless attacks on those who, I guess, are Bill's "enemies" because they dare to deride his faith (of which he is such a stellar example). Howard Kurtz tried to add some reason to the discussion; but as is true in life writ large, those who are "faith based" can be quite unreasonable!
Bill opened up by stating, as O'Reilly fact, that the "media is continuing to demean religion, been happening for years." He played video in which MSNBC Luke Russert spoke to a Christian Broadcasting Network host about how religion is given snarky treatment by the media. O'Reilly presented a "perfect example" of the snark when he quoted the USA Today book critic, Bob Minzesheimer (Don't know if he's Jewish but if he is, he's probably getting anti-Semitic e-mails!), who merely pointed out the fact that after O'Reilly told 60 Minutes that he was inspired by the Holy Spirit, his book went from number two to number one. O'Reilly also read Minzesheimer's factual comment that O'Reilly "panned" his critics. (He was also critical of the book but O'Reilly didn't mention that.)
Howard Kurtz agreed with Russert that there is a "condescension," in the media towards religion; but that it's based on lack of understanding rather than malicious intent. He also cited how there is a "cultural divide" because the urban media tend to be secular. Bill wanted to know why these secular people want to "demean" those who believe. Kurtz responded that there might be a "lack of understanding."
Bill then pulled a fact straight out his ass: "The Catholic Church scandal was met with glee in much of the liberal press" who "used it as a hammer." He asserted that the "columnists went wild" and that he could provide examples of this "all day long." Rather than actually provide examples, he named former Huffington Post columnist Larry Doyle, Bill Maher who is a COMEDIAN, Joan Walsh (who challenged O'Reilly on his Tiller attacks), "a bunch of gay activists, a bunch of abortion people all day long just hammering everybody in the Catholic Church is an idiot, all the priests are perverts, you know what happened..." Kurtz defended Boston Globe reporters and cited how NBC did a popular bible series. When Kurtz mentioned the glowing publicity received by the new Pope, Bill whined that Pope Benedict didn't get the same treatment and the only reason that Pope Francis gets good treatment is because he's perceived as liberal.
Pope Bill pontificated that "the left is against religion (Hmmm, Sister Simone Campbell is a "leftist" and she's a Catholic nun!) because religion opposes things like gay marriage  and abortion, that's what it's all about." This is another O'Reilly ass fact because liberal Protestant denominations and non-Orthodox Jews support abortion and gay marriage.
Bill launched into poor me mode with another baseless and narcissistic ass fact about how "the secular national media doesn't want anybody to buy this book." (Hey, Bill, I don't think they really care about your book or who buys it) He whined that "very few have even mentioned it." (Awww)  Bill's overly inflated ego was on hand with the comment that "this is by far and away the best selling book in the world."  When Kurtz noted that O'Reilly got publicity from CBS, O'Reilly said that 60 Minutes is "reportage."
Theologian Bill bloviated that his statement about the Holy Ghost is "what every Christian believes if he or she is a Christian and that was used to attack me." Kurtz countered that the comment gave him more exposure and more book sales. Bill wanted to know why he was attacked over this "expression of what every Christian believes." When Kurtz tried to answer, Bill overtalked him: "All Christians are inspired by God to do things." He added that these evil doer are "playing to their crew" who "despise religion and any expression of it." He cited the "USA" reviewer who is playing to his "anti-religion crew." He accused the national media of being "a little pack" who "all think the same." (Kinda like Fox viewers?)
If Bill O'Reilly did a good "examination of conscience" he might realize that these "attacks" are merely reflections on how Bill's oft proclaimed Christianity is contradicted by his own not very Christian personal and baseless attacks such as this latest screed and critic "panning." Just saying....

Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/20131016_bill_o_reilly_attacks_killing_jesus_critics_who_despise_religion#LMF5vWQasb9Iy56O.99

here is the link to see the the video of Howie and Bill and other comments, too.......

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