Sep 3, 2013

Snapping Eucalyptus Tree Crunches Wires and Blocks 28th St--South Park San Diego

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013
Snapping Eucalyptus Tree Blocks 28th Street and Takes Wires With It

Serious and very loud chainsaw action is going on tonight out of the back door to the canyon adjacent to the 28th Street Park and Eucalyptus Tree Grove in the South Park Area of San Diego.

That would be chopping up the giant Eucalyptus Tree that snapped down this evening about 7:40 PM.

Half a block into the dog walk it sounded like someone shot off a rocket.

Crunching wires as it fell across 28th Street between Date and Cedar.  “Don’t go down that way,” the neighbor said as he approached, also out for his nightly routine of walking the dog.

A Eucalyptus Tree just fell down and there is a hot wire!  I just called 911.

Taking a detour for safety but then circling back around to take pictures or die from curiosity this dog walking individual discovered a kindly neighbor and good samaritan directing traffic, steering cars away from the fallen wires and horizontal tree stretching completely across the street.  

Just as San Diego’s finest were approaching to ensure everyone’s safety a blaring fire truck also pulled up.

All of the neighbors were out by this time and asking what happened.  It was pretty scary because there were wires and lines down all over the place--the firemen were searching with giant flashlights to determine the extent of damage.

Really, the police and the fire people were very nice and calm and helpful while they made their determinations, blocked off the street with police cars and yellow barricades and did not seem to mind answering questions.

Thank you San Diego South Park Police women and men and Firemen.

Good job--you were there for us, very fast and friendly, too.
It's hard to see in the pictures but the tree is completely wrapped up in the wires.

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