Sep 4, 2013

Outraged about Geraldo Rivera.....

Outraged about Geraldo Rivera being dropped from the JFK panel at Duquesne......

Dear Larry---Just cannot resist  someone would have talked....right, Geraldo Rivera--this is one individual I have always thought had a lot to talk about regarding the whole entire JFK thing.

Yes, as a news person and also being fired from 20/20--wasn't he let go from that position because he was going to come out with something that went against Jackie Kennedy.

You see this is a main problem with the whole JFK thing--people cannot talk without retribution--even today, in this day and age with freedom of speech and all of that.

I can't believe he was canceled, of all people from a JFK panel.  This is an individual, who I have always thought really had something to say on JFK--even just as an anchor or someone involved with the news.

I, myself, have e-mailed him and asked him to come forward with what information he knows.  It does take a major news person to come forward--he could be a very large influence.  Of all the people to be let go from a conference--because he sent a picture of himself with a towel--who cares.....

Let go for this little tiny nothing incident after all we hear about the antics and misbehavior's of JFK and RFK.  I can't believe it and I guess you could say I am outraged.

I feel lucky we have access to someone with your knowledge and I am anxious and hoping you will have a comment to make on this subject.

Just as a side note, Geraldo has said in recent years that he thinks it is LHO operating as a single individual in the assassination of JFK and that there is no other significant evidence to go against it.  This is from the info I tried to look up about Geraldo from a couple of years ago--regardless of his position then or now, I would love to hear what Geraldo has to say on the subject.  I have always thought that!

What a ridiculous loss of knowledge and information to cancel this long time media person from this important event.

Chloe Louise-------outraged in San Diego

Larry--thank you for your time and giving people a place to speak.

This letter is posted on the site of JFK researcher Larry Hancock, author of the very famous book, SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TALKED.

here is a link to that website:

Please read GOING FORWARD by Larry for a very interesting conversation about David Atlee Phillips.  This individual was the CIA handler of Oswald located in Mexico City.  Some people think he was very influential regarding the events in Dallas, Texas.

here is the wiki on Geraldo:

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