Sep 21, 2013

Jeremy Irons: Explains Shakespeare To Me.......

The gloriously lovely Jeremy Irons...........

PBS last night:  Richard II, Jeremy Irons does a good job of explaining Shakespeare to the

Last night Henry Bolingbroke's "friends" murdered the very lovely King Richard II for him, can you believe it?  But, in the long run, it turned into a big mess because King Henry IV ended up feeling sad and guilty his whole life.

Next week we get to see my favorite actor in the whole world, Jeremy Irons, play Henry Bolingbroke, who is now the King, Henry IV.  The cool thing is that Jeremy and the other actors take time to explain the whole thing to us, the viewers.  Right, it's hard to understand, but this Richard II guy was so amazing I couldn't stop watching him.

Dear Henry Bolingbroke......Just wanted to say I enjoyed your show last night on PBS.......I said I will never be able to stay up that late and watch the whole thing, but as you suggested, when Shakespeare is done really well one is so entranced....well, I couldn't stop watching it.  Thank you for explaining the story to me.

You see, I always want to like Shakespeare but, in all honesty, I just do not understand a lot of it.  When the actor keeps explaining it and talking about it, the importance of the story in history and what they are trying to tell the viewer.....well, this is very good.

Good job, Jeremy, for taking time to tell me about the kings and good job to that lovely man that played Richard II.  He is lovely and I could not stop thinking about his performance--totally entranced and thinking about it all night.  Can't wait to see you in Henry next week.     chloe louise and ronnie.....san diego

to Jeremy on his facebook page.......I hope it's the right one.

and a cute picture of "Mr. Hot."

Jeremy Irons

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