Cliff Albert's reference in the press release to needing to connect to listeners is a tacit admission that the lineup was becoming too out-of-touch with listeners. Why? The fiscal woes of parent Clear Channel has forced KOGO to gut a once award-winning news and public affairs department such the 'News-Talk' has become a misnomer. The Bob Filner imbroglio really exposed Baltimore expat Chip Franklin as our of touch with San Diego politics. Franklin's eagerness to talk over or cut off those he didn't agree with didn't engender many new followers either.

The new lineup has potential to reclaim some listeners but has a long way to go to rebuild the station into a go-to source for local news and talk.

Though he has his detractors, I'm happy to see Sully get a strong afternoon drive slot to engage listeners in local issues.

Just one question -- is Merrill going to keep his Friday 'Speakeasy' tradition but move it to morning drive?