Aug 30, 2013

Will CNN Run Strombo Tonight?

Will CNN run Strombo tonight or will they play a repeat of AC 360 and Piers Morgan endlessly....

The age old question remains....

Now they have Strombo listed on the TV Guide schedule on my comp as far as one can see.....but.......that is what they often do and then........endless repeats of AC and PM...why?

Obviously, PM and AC have a thing against Canadians that are cute and do good television interviews.  That has to be the reason....what else is there.

Seriously, they often claim breaking news, but how many times to we have to see the exact same's down to memory by the second complete rerun of the thing.

It must be PM and AC are egomaniacs and even though they are both cute and skilled interviewers that can't stand the idea that someone other than them might be just a little bit better looking and a very adept and qualified interviewer and from Canada to boot.

It seems Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan have a secret pact not to let George Strombo on the air on CNN.  They've got to grow up and get over their jealousy.  It's okay to have a little competition.

Can Strombo break through the AC-PM glass ceiling.  We will just have to wait and see tonight......

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