Aug 7, 2013

Why Chris Matthews is wrong and Chloe Louise is right....Chris Christie wins it easily over Rand Paul

Right, I watch Chris Matthew’s Hardball on MSNBC each and every day.  Love Chris but this time he has got it wrong--except for his name, that is.

He is predicting Rand Paul for the presidential nominee of the republican party.....

Chris, sorry about this one but you are dead wrong.

Chris Christie, republican rock star, will easily be the chosen one to bring his party out of darkness--out of the walking dead of negativity headed by fox new and the ROWG branch of the GOP--which Rand Paul is, indeed, a part of and now embarrassed about his position.

Chris, it’s already over and done with.....

Chris Christie already proved it....Rand Paul tried to go to battle with the great fighter, lost and has tried to beg forgiveness.  Christie won the ground over his statement about libertarianism with the comment focused on Rand Paul.

Rand Paul can’t keep up.  Chris Christie did not need to try and get together with loser Paul and like confrontations will continue.  

Christie can fight without being ugly.

He has the back of the citizens of New Jersey and he will show he also has the back of the working class citizens of the United States.

He has that certain something--the Christie Swagger--Rand Paul comes off as little, afraid and whining, just like his fox news cohorts.  That is a bad choice of a gang to hang-out with.  That will bring him down.

Chris Christie has already ditched the limbaugh sinking ship of fools of the republican party.

Chris Christie has a certain panache--he rolls with the big boys--talking about President Obama being the biggest boy of all.

He won the race with his passion on Sandy and he will ride home on a clean finish--the tea-partiers will be crying in the wind as they are left behind.

My only fear and hope at the same time--Chris Christie will be much harder to beat for my girl Hillary Clinton but the race will be great.

See you there Chris Mathews--I love you but you are wrong on this one--Chloe Louise is right.

chloe louise...Hillary girl forever.

this is from Real Clear Politics.........

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    Kordane  Chloe Louise 
    You're wrong because you're thinking like a Democrat whilst trying to predict how Republicans will vote. You have to think like a Republican to know how Republicans will vote.
    You guys thought that Huntsman was the best Republican candidate ever, even though he barely got any support at all among Republicans.
    The same will happen with Chris Christie.
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      Chloe Louise  Kordane 
      Your dog is pretty. Actually, you are absolutely right--I hate to admit it. I was so sure that Huntsman would take off--he was the only sensible choice. Romney was a disaster--he was so weak; he would have had a fighting chance if he would have just stuck to his original plans--he just kept getting weaker and weaker. Then the next question is what is wrong with republicans? Who are the voters? What is the make up of the voters and the US? Who won the election. Even the tea-party-est of the GOP must realize they have to change if they want to win. The crazy rush-ite era is over for the republican party--even they have to know that--if they can count--that is. Strength is attractive--with dogs and politicians--that is why Christie will win the nomination. The repubs have got to think it through this time. Christie is a breath of fresh air from the O'Reilly haters.

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