Aug 1, 2013

Up With Anthony W, Down With O'Reilly

Sex is good, hate is bad.........

Hello and how are you today?

I could care less about phone sex between two willing adults, married or not............but I do care about public hatred on display.

Does anyone know what to do about the horrible hatred of Bill O'Reilly?

I like to write about O'Reilly and Reverend Sharpton and it is probably obvious that I am a dem and I really like President Obama.

I sometimes watch O"Reilly for comic relief but lately with this whole idea of the President Obama talking about Trayvon Martin and the national conversation on race has really set O'Reilly off into many rants, as you well know and have reported, about race and I guess he feels he can solve the issue in 15 minutes.

But now, his endless rant on Al Sharpton is becoming disgusting--I can't stand it.  He is bordering on insanity.  I think, just my opinion, he has a deep hatred and disrespect for everything of color and he is definitely a racist.  I think he was always code for racism but now his very true colors are showing.  I don't know if he will eventually go off the edge completely but I suspect not because he loves the podium of his show.

I almost can't watch him any longer--even for writing material.  He's gone insane--and his hate for Al Sharpton is so over the top he almost makes me sick.  It is like he is taking his whole hatred for everything of color, including Muslim, and piling it all on Al Sharpton.  His exuberance in deriding Al Sharpton is really getting too much for me to handle--I'm cringing when I watch him.

The thing is, if you actually listen to Rev. Sharpton he has very soothing words, as a Reverend would,  and he tries to be encouraging without violence.  Last evening he cited Ghandi and Martin Luther King and humbly stated he is still evolving.

It's like he doesn't even want Al Sharpton to talk--he just wants him to go away just like the one juror describing Trayvon Martin--he should have just gone home.

I've been at the dinner parties at the rich neighbors, the ROWGs that love Rush, and heard the comments between martini sips about what should happen to different cultures; it's not very nice and I won't repeat it here but I do know what some people think--I used to hear it from my grandfather, too.

Well, what do you think?  Can anything be  done about this guy--he is so full of hatred.  

Just my idea for a story or what, I don't even know, but I think something should be done.  Maybe President Obama should say something like he did to Rush over Sarah Fluke--that stopped him in his tracks.  Maybe people should approach the advertisers of Fox News re: the O'Reilly show.

Not to mention he is laying waste to the republican party and encouraging racism in the United States and misrepresenting us to all the advanced nations of the world--it's embarrassing.

Another thing--Bill went on CBS and tried to say he is the only one looking out for the average folks.  He can't seem to understand the average folks are a beautiful coat of many colors.  That is and always has been the history of the United States.  If anyone is speaking to the average folks it is Reverend Sharpton.  During those horrible events in Cleveland the neighborhood watch men were being interviewed on Politics Nation by Reverend Al.  Oh  my gosh, they just started talking to him as if they knew him forever.  Seriously, Reverend Al is the person looking out for the average citizen, not Bill O'Reilly.  

I really don't think that O'Reilly understands that President Obama won the election and he is of color and that is the make up of our country now; different people, other that Bill types are in power and have representation is high positions, such as Eric Holder, and more fair laws will eventually come to pass.  

I guess like all bigots Bills is little and afraid, but it is starting to show in a way that is very uncomfortable to me.

Anyway, thank you for your time, I really do appreciate it and your very respected website and I do feel strongly about what I said--I think something definitely needs to be done but I do not know what and I hope you do.


Chloe Louise, the ronnie republic


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