Aug 21, 2013

Telling Tourists from Wales about San Diego........

there are maps of the bay all over the place

a very nice and beautiful lady from the information
desk gave Ronnie a bowl of water--
she said we just do that for dogs...

Information Desk at the B street pier
B Street Pier

midway--people eating at Fantail Cafe...

near Grape and Harbor looking towards Broadway and the Midway
Trying to tell the Welsh About San Diego…….

Where to go, what to eat, what Mexican restaurant to visit and where to get the best margaritas…..

Well,  I think the best thing to do would be have dinner at Anthony’s the first evening--walk around the harbor at the foot of Broadway, the next day visit the Midway, have lunch at the Fantail cafe and maybe hit the Carnitas Shack on University Ave. in the afternoon on the way home from the zoo.
Midway Museum and Fantail Cafe on the back of the ship...

What do you think?

Well my friend said that was all wrong...Right, I know Anthony’s is full of seniors and can have a wait but I still think they have the best view of the harbor and the best fish and chips in town for the price.

Do the Walesers want fish and chips; isn't that already their specialty, anyway?

He said the foot of Broadway is all messed up due to improvements and it is not going to be done any time soon.  Why are they doing all of this ugly construction right in the middle of the tourist season?

He took the Hornblower dinner cruise around the harbor and said it was very nice but he has no idea in the world of the price (it must be nice).

Should I tell them about the world famous gay area in Hillcrest and all of the trendy and delicious restaurants in that beautiful neighborhood?

Should I tell them about all of the popular clubs in the beautiful Gaslamp--there are plenty of cafes in that area, too; not to mention  the Ballpark--do out-of-towners like baseball?  

Our city is so convenient because the downtown is basically right next to the harbor, it’s cool and not miles away like Los Angeles.  

Really, everything is right there close at hand, the harbour, the ballpark, the gaslamp, the airport…...and Balboa Park  is only about 5 minutes away--basically at the top of the hill.

The historic Santa Fe Train Depot is right across the street from the harbour on Broadway.  
Santa Fe Train Depot right on Broadway

My friend said the best Mexican restaurants are right in Old Town starting with the Old Town Mexican Cafe and right across the street is the Coyote Cafe if one is too busy.  But what about Margaritas--I would want to be sure and have a really nice delicious, giant crushed-ice Margarita with plenty of salt on the rim--the really big good ones in a lush, cool garden setting.  Everyone at the dog park says the best Mexican food is Casa de Pico in Grossmont Center in La Mesa.  I think that may be too far for the basic tourist.  

Whatever, I don’t know why everyone isn’t talking about Las Cuatro Milpas in Barrio Logan for actually very authentic Mexican food--and the price is right, too--cash only please and there definitely will be a line out of the door at lunchtime.

My friend said he took the Duck Boat Tour with his sister and they really enjoyed it--why is he doing all of these tourist things?
pick up the seal boat at the Star of India

Okay--who knows the answers to these tough questions….I parked my car at the north end of Harbour Drive across from the east end of the runway, near the anchor in the middle of the road--where Laurel Street meets Harbour and walked to the Midway.  It was hot and exhausting, but plenty of free parking during the day.  The view was fantastic, the breeze was cool and there are plenty of things to see--the Star of India,  submarines, Hornblower tours, the Midway, construction, tourists speaking every language in the world and, sadly, some people without homes.

the Hornblower dinner cruise is about 115.00.  
a sign pointing towards the Hornblower dinner cruise.......

There are plenty of pedi-cabs for rent--about ten dollars per person--some take credit cards and some do not.
Miguel Martinez charges 10.00 per person--does not take credit cards

this is Miguel's cab--it looks like a good idea

ronnie resting on the grass by the midway
the Fish Market is a Gorgeous restaurant right on the harbor and right next to the Midway and there is a cute little grassy park to rest under shady trees--Ronnie and I had to sit down and rest.
the fish market restaurant--the dog park says it's good

The parking was not a problem at the north end of Harbor Drive near Grape Street, but as you walk towards Broadway there is very few parking spaces available and they have meters which usually take only quarters.  It is about a 20 minute walk along the harbor to Broadway where most the the action resides--the walk is beautiful--it can be really hot or very cool depending on the temp and wind--always be sure to bring a sweater.

Click on the pictures to make them larger.........

Pat Moran giving rides for 10.00 per person and taking credit cards

he says he likes his job and our mayor Bob Filner has to go

Pat wanted me to take a picture of the phone number on the back...

bamula  aka: george smiley

this little grassy and cool park is tight by the Midway and good for resting

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