Aug 13, 2013

Republican Big Dog Chris Christie is not Afraid of the NRA

Chris Christie is a leader, not a follower and not afraid.....

He has already shown he cares for the safety and welfare of the people of his state.  He is not afraid of the walking-dead branch of the republican party, the limbaugh-ites, or the NRA.  Many repubs admire him and as a dem, I admire him and his leadership skills, as well.  

He is one of the most exciting figures on the political scene today.  In regards to the gun safety bill, I feel he will weigh the options carefully and sign in favor of the safety and welfare of voters of his state.  I know this much, he has already shown he is not afraid....and that definitely includes the NRA.

from facebook and Mark Kelly.............
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a major gun safety bill sitting on his desk right now, and he's about to decide whether to sign it. Mark wrote an op-ed today urging Gov. Christie to do the right thing and sign New Jersey's gun safety bill into law. Please share it with your friends and family.

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