Aug 15, 2013

O'Reilly "goes o'reilly" over Eric Holder.....

Exactly, and this is why the ugly American, Bill O'Reilly of Fox News and others like him are on a rant about Eric Holder.
Eric Holder is a sign for positive change in the US--he actually has the power to affect laws.
Once President Obama spoke of Trayvon Martin in a personal way O'Reilly "went o'reilly."
Rather than face any issues about inequality in the United States he has gone insane about everyone taking "personal responsibility." Just as he feels he has done--he often points to himself as an example.
His other favorite rant is that of the breakdown of the family system and lack of a father in the African-American home. He is on a war against women and minorities.
What woman, black, white rich or poor would want to be married to an arrogant man that yells and doesn't listen. Women do not have to put up with that today.
Any talk of federally funded education and contraception will surely send him again into an angry tirade as James Carville, democratic advisor, experienced when he took time out of his day to explain the facts of life to Bill.
If he truly wanted to help any American he would have experts on his show and have a true discussion to a complex issue rather than being so conceited to think he can solve a problem where is is completely uneducated and without credentials.
O'Reilly and Fox news are code for "race" and that is an American Embarrassment we all have to deal with unfortunately.
Thank goodness we do have President Obama and Eric Holder.

please see Eric Holder's Urgent Sense of Justice written by Ana Marie Cox in The Guardian.....

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