Aug 6, 2013

Jesus Christ, Anthony Weiner and Hate

Forever a radio listener I tune in to the Jesus Christ Show every Sunday morning.....I listen to part of the show until I run to watch my very favorite television show of all time.....CBS Sunday Morning.....and yes ,Bill Geist is the most perfect interviewer and reporter but that is another story for another time......


Dear Jesus...I really enjoyed your show today and I am glad you talked about Anthony W........why, well, I almost do not know what to think about him.  Yes, I know he is wrong and I liked the way you explained it and I have to agree with what you said, but I do have a problem.  I am almost embarrassed to say I don't care.  I know everyone wants me to care but in the honest truth, I do care, but not that much....

Seriously, there are so many bigger problems to think about, not just big world problems like hunger and sickness and clean drinking water and all of that but I am also talking about hate.  

Here is something that really troubles me in politics if you will.  Bill O'Reilly absolutely hates Reverend Al Sharpton.  He has a vendetta against him that will not stop.  Yes, I used to be married, in fact  to a Bill O'Reilly type, arrogant and yelling and always making fun of  someone they thought lesser of them.. ...that would most often be me.  It was horrible and humiliating.  I can practically feel the hatred this mas seems to possess in his soul.  

In the grand scheme of things, yes, sending pictures is quite inappropriate for someone asking for the trust of the people..... but again, this is so little to me.  Hating someone or a group of people or being arrogant is worse, in my humble opinion.  To me, trying to spread hate is the real sin.

Really, I think most men  will cheat given the opportunity and I think it is human nature for a man to want to have an interaction with a beautiful young, it's not right but it is the way things exist...well, it isn't new is is a waste of time to keep bringing it up---talking about about two willing adults.   

I just think there are other more horrible problems in the world and hatred is one of them.

I hope  you have time  to respond because I do value your words and I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way.

thank you for your time.

chloe louise

here is a link to The Jesus Christ Show......

The website is very enjoyable and Neil's take on Anthony W. and politics is very insightful........

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