Aug 17, 2013

CNN's Strombo is Brilliant: The Watcher is the Winner

It has to be said.....

CNN's George Strombo is the best interviewer on television today.  He's good, as in amazing and brilliant and the show format is good, too.

The result:  plenty of information--sometimes inspirational information.

The people on his show, the guests seem to have a gusto--a zip in their conversation that one just does not see that often on television today.  Frankly, is is not only refreshing but really enjoyable.

George gives the viewer the feeling he is actually excited to hear what the guest has to say--I feel like he is genuine.  Strombo has the rare gift and foresight to not make the show about himself--the television watcher is the winner.

As a constant news watcher and radio listener I am personally really glad CNN put this show back on the air.  I look forward to watching it every Friday night, now, if I am familiar with the guest or not--and I'll tell you what--I have enjoyed it every single time and I have learned a lot, too.

The exciting news tonight--Tavis Smiley will be starting a radio talk show........

I can always find a new take on things after Tavis talks.  In his early years he was inspired to try to help people and make a statement after his dear friend was killed--shot in the back 21 times in self-defense by the police.  He also shared how he tried very hard to put Harrison Ford at ease when he could see that he was really stressed about his impending interview.  Tavis and George love radio talk shows and I do, too.  I can't wait to hear your new show, Tavis.

Kevin Smith gave a very moving interview talking about his parents and his family that he loves very much. He has so much to say it is easy to see how he can show emotions and make movies.  He talked about following his dreams and he inspired me to try and do the same thing, as well.

Maria Bello shared her story about starting out in an acting career and almost giving up at one point.  Now she feels so grateful that she has achieved success in her career she wants to do something good with her notoriety by helping women in Haiti.

Thank you George--good job, as usual--I really like your show.

(why is this show good?  one gets the impression the truth is being told...the truth is always energizing)

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