Aug 26, 2013

CNN Should Stop Ditching Strombo For Anderson Cooper

The best interviewer on television today is hands down and without a doubt George Stombo........and unfortunately for the viewers CNN keeps ditching him for Anderson Cooper.  

Yes, Anderson is great and he recently did a brilliant and inspirational interview with Antoinette Tuff, but after seeing it three times I was ready for George and had planned my evening around his show with Lisa Kudrow.  

It would be nice if they would stop ditching George for Anderson Cooper--if they want to show AC360 24/7 then let them throw out someone else for George once in a while.  Thy've got to shift their focus from Anderson now and then--or make the AC channel and then another channel for the rest of us with Anderson only on once a day like all of the other shows.  Please--he is not the only game in town.  

If the reader does not agree I suggest watching George Strombo do an interview and then get back to me.  He seems genuinely interested and lets the guest talk...a lot.  Seriously, how rare is that in television today?  If its your favorite person...Larry King, Lisa, Tavis Smiley, Henry Winkler..the viewer will end up with interesting and useful info....right, the guest does not seem tired and worn out and rote, as often happens in these kind of things....okay that's my take what's yours?  

I dare you to watch him and think differently.  CNN needs to find their head and put it on regarding this one.  Love you CNN but......its time for a good ADD med...calm down and stick to a schedule.

PS--Antoinette Tuff is absolutely a hero and should be praised by everyone--we all can learn something from her.  She is a beautiful example and I do not want to diminish her life saving of students and accomplishments in any way--but enough of Anderson, already.

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