Aug 2, 2013

Chris Christie: Republican Rock Star rush, bill, sean: out of their league and out of their mind

I think and I hope Chris Christie is going to be a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party and he is definitely a leader.  Rush had to stop talking about Sarah Fluke once President Obama stepped in and spoke about women  The problem, in my ROWG neighbors, for instance, they love Rush and say he is just so funny and about the climate--they think Rush is the news.  I know because they often quote Rush to me.  But, LZ, who won the election?  That is what Bill O'Reilly and his sinking ship of fools forget.  The voters are a beautiful coat of many colors and President Obama is the President of all of the citizens.  Bill is code for Race, just like you are explaining, but that is not going to work any longer--his rant on Al Sharpton is getting into the insane category--he is out of his league and out of his mind.  He cannot handle the fact that Reverend Sharpton has had very soothing words for people that were very hurt by vigilante justice on a kid and now we have people in power who can change those unfair laws like Eric Holder.  Yes, you described it perfectly, O'Reilly makes me sick but I do think Chris Christie has jumped ship from Rush, Bill, Ann Coulter and the rest of their sinking ship of fools.  Bill keeps saying he represents the average guy, but I have news for him---the average guy voted and Barack Obama is President.  Now, any republican that wants to have the slightest chance against Hillary will have to distance themselves as far as possible from the old school freaks.

copied from CNN..................

At 25, Limbaugh show still rules GOP

By LZ Granderson, CNN Contributor
updated 4:41 PM EDT, Thu August 1, 2013

Rush Limbaugh, conservative and influential radio talk show host, makes a point.
Rush Limbaugh, conservative and influential radio talk show host, makes a point.
  • LZ Granderson: President Bush in 1992, seeking Limbaugh's support, carried his bags
  • GOP has been Rush Limbaugh's bellhop ever since he got influential, he says
  • LZ: Rush throws around half-truths and insults. Some are disgusted, others entertained
  • LZ: But it's destructive when people, politicians make him some sort of spokesman
Editor's note: LZ Granderson is a CNN contributor who writes a weekly column for The former Hechinger Institute Fellow has had his commentary recognized by the Online News Association, the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. He is also a senior writer for ESPN. Follow him on Twitter @locs_n_laughs.
(CNN) -- If you want to know why there's little cooperation in Washington these days, I'd start with a campaign promise made in 1988 by presidential candidate George H.W. Bush.
"Read my lips: No new taxes."
So, when he raised taxes two years later, quite naturally, voters, particularly conservatives, were upset.
If you want to know why so little is being accomplished in Washington these days, I'd start with that broken promise and what Bush did in an attempt to get those conservatives back.
He carried Rush Limbaugh's bags.
That's right. In 1992, President Bush invited Limbaugh for a sleepover and personally brought his guest's bags into the Lincoln bedroom for him
LZ Granderson
LZ Granderson
They were not friends.
In fact, Limbaugh didn't care for Bush that much, and "41" knew it. But Bush was seeking re-election. He was saddled with a slumping economy and locked in a tough battle with Gov. Bill Clinton and businessman Ross Perot.
He believed he needed Rush Limbaugh.
The party has been carrying Limbaugh's bags ever since.
So, if you want to know when Washington became so polarized, maybe we should circle August 1, 1988, exactly 25 years ago. That was the day a satirical talk show host syndicated his act and, in the process, made a lot of money and became one of the most influential figures in American politics today.
Joyner: Limbaugh shouldn't say N-word
Limbaugh: Conservatives lost gay marriage
"Have any of you heard of an individual by the name of LZ Granderson?" Limbaugh asked on his show in June 2012."Snerdley? He has not heard of LZ Granderson. Dawn, have you? Brian, have you heard of LZ Granderson? Prior to last night I had not heard of LZ Granderson."
Which isn't true.
In June 2011, Limbaugh brought me up on his show as well, going so far as to say, "You can blame me, LZ Granderson, all you want, and I'll take it."
It only takes a few seconds on "The Rush Limbaugh Show" website to find out those facts. But Limbaugh isn't on the air to provide facts, he's there to entertain. Many of his listeners understand that.
And many of them don't.
A 1994 New York Times article leading into the midterm electioncalled Limbaugh "a kind of national precinct captain for the Republican insurgency of 1994" and documented caller after caller legitimately asking the Mahi Rushie -- he calls himself that on occasion -- for guidance.
Not much has changed.
During the Affordable Health Care Act debate, callers were actually asking Limbaugh, a shock jock in the mold of Howard Stern, what was in the bill. He even threatened to move to Costa Rica if it was implemented, which seemed counterintuitive, considering Costa Rica has universal health care.
But it's moments like that when you remember that Limbaugh's purpose isn't to provide thoughtful political discourse. It's to vent on his listeners' behalf, to appeal to their censored side. The side thatwants to hear a white man say "nigga" in public or call a woman a "slut" without getting fired.
If that makes you laugh, then he's doing his job.
If that disgusts you, well that's his job, too.
Limbaugh has had us on this yo-yo since the moment he assumed the role of Gabriel in the Kingdom of Reagan 25 years ago. Back then, it was only offensive, because he was the party's megaphone, warning listeners about the impending invasion of welfare queens with his mixture of righteous indignation and half-truths. It became destructive when listeners and politicians alike made him its spokesman: a pseudo-politician free from the burden of actually having to do anything.
Like use facts.
In rebutting the legitimacy of climate change, Limbaugh once told listeners the United States had more acreage of forest land today than at the time the Constitution was written. That wasn't true, of course, but it sounded good.
Not too long ago, he read what he believed to be passages from Obama's senior thesis, passages that expressed a disdain for the U.S. Constitution. Sadly, the whole thing was made up by a blogger.And while Limbaugh did sheepishly tell listeners what he had read earlier was false, the host still found a way to justify reading it by saying, "We know he thinks it."
Some folks eat that kind of stuff up.
Some get riled up about it.
And the folks in Washington? Well, after 25 years, they're still not quite sure what to do with it or him. If you're a Democrat, do you ignore him? If you're a Republican, do you carry his bags? I imagine it's like that feeling you get when someone tells you something that you can't determine is a joke or not. You just stand there half-smiling like an idiot.
So, if you want to know what the folks in Washington are doing about the economy, I'd start there.
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of LZ Granderson.

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