Aug 13, 2013

Chris Christie: Not Afraid of the NRA

Chris Christie is a leader, not a follower and not afraid.....He has already shown he cares for the safety and welfare of the people of his state.  He is not afraid of the walking dead republicans or the NRA.  Many repubs admire him and as a dem, I admire him and his leadership skills, as well.  He is one of the most exciting figures on the political scene today.  In regards to the gun safety bill, I feel he will weigh the options carefully and sign in favor of the safety and welfare of voters of his state.  I know this much, he has already shown he is not afraid....and that definitely includes the NRA.

from facebook and Mark Kelly.............
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a major gun safety bill sitting on his desk right now, and he's about to decide whether to sign it. Mark wrote an op-ed today urging Gov. Christie to do the right thing and sign New Jersey's gun safety bill into law. Please share it with your friends and family.

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