Aug 16, 2013

Bill O'Reilly: Just plain wrong on the facts

Love the story....Bill has been going on about Oprah and this is the second African-American lady who told a story recently about being treated poorly in a store because they were not dressed properly, but they let it go and moved on---well......exact time in Tiffany's in Palm Springs I strolled in with baggy shorts, flip-flops, tee-shirt.  Right, I thought I looked just fine but after I left the store I saw myself walking by a shop mirror and was horrified at my legs--flabby, shorts way too thin and short, frizzy hair and a stained tee-shirt that was not at all shappy but baggy.

What's my point--the man in the store must have spent 30 minutes telling me about the color of diamonds, how diamonds were graded and  Tiffany's diamonds compared to others and what it meant to actually have a "Tiffany" diamond even though they may be more expensive comparatively.  

It doesn't add up.  We are not on the same level playing field.  Also--racism--white children, from a middle class school will not be beat up for gang affiliation.  That will never be in that kids repertoire of memories.  Again, Bill is dead wrong on his facts, as he often accuses Al Sharpton of whom he has an unhealthy vendetta against which reveals his racism and hate for others he feels are of a lower level than him, women and minorities.  But that is another story for another time.  Bill, is again and as usual,

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