Aug 7, 2013

Bill O'Reilly and the Walking Dead Members of the Fox News Branch of the Republican Party

Last week Al Sharpton, this week Jay-Z, this very arrogant individual wants to lay the blame on derelict single moms, like me, to everyone else he can find except himself and George Zimmerman.  

As Star Jones so eloquently put it last evening on Piers Morgan--the African American community has been having the discussion about race in America for a very long time but after President Obama spoke the white community joined in, as well.  The white community except for Bill O'Reilly and his walking dead members of the Fox News branch of the republican party.  

LIke all narcissist Bill's not even going to join the discussion and will fight every day to make sure it's not in any way shape or form about him.  He rather yell and get real mad than take any notion of just a discussion of responsibility as an American issue.  No, he will make it all the mom's fault for "doing it."  Fortunately we have James Carville to explain the fats of life to Bill O.

And there is one other thing that Bill refuses to get.  Women today do not want to be married to men that yell and scream and refuse to even have a discussion.  Women today do not have to settle for being married to the Bill O'Reilly types--men that will inevitably teach their sons to yell and disrespect women and anyone that has a different idea--teach by example.  

Trust me on this one--it's not rocket science--I know it from personal experience.

I usually like to watch Bill after Greta for comic relief--well, there is always a lot of material there--but he became so actually sickening with his hate for Al Sharpton I just could not take it any longer.  I have found Reverent Sharpton to be inspirational--if people would just listen to him he has had very soothing words during this turbulent time. 

Right, After President Obama weighed in on the conversation, Bill actually went insane.

You've nailed it.


finding Star Jones.......

I am trying to find a video of Star Jones last evening to include on this page of my blog.  I would be grateful if anyone has information about where to find Star on Piers last night.......thank you fro your

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