Jul 13, 2013

Strombo and Larry King Disappear Again--What is going on at CNN..................

What is going on at CNN..................

I am very angry about CNN canceling Strombo with Larry King for the second time---what goes--they advertised it all week and from what I can see, nixed it at the last minute for AC and more Zimmerman coverage.  It was scheduled for 8 PM Pacific Time.

They have had plenty of trial coverage--I know that is important, too.  They are overdoing Anderson Cooper for everyone else.  What do you think?  

I noticed they also canceled Anthony Bourdain, while I am not particularly a personal fan of his, the show on Libya was extremely interesting and informative........I think they should put some of these shows on the Saturday line-up like they used to .  

A few years ago I used to watch CNN all Saturday with travel shows and fashion........it was a good Sat off work.   What are your thoughts and do you know what happened...........the ronnie republic

Of course, this would be a Saturday line-up headed by Fredricka Whitfield and the legal guys, Richard Herman and Avery Friedman..............

I'm still waiting for "Style with Elsa Klench" to come back to Saturdays--that was the best show they have ever had, they already have the format set up with "Fashion Backstage Pass with Alina Cho"--A "Siskel and Ebert" type movie show would be perfect for Saturday;  everyone getting ready to go out to the movies.   The afternoon can wrap-up with Don Lemon--do not take Don Lemon away, I love his "Take" on things as Fareed says.......

CNN--you have got to get with the program.


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